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At the Dry Ice Store, we offer a range of quality dry ice for all needs. We prioritize outstanding service and superior product quality, always with the customer in focus. In addition, we offer delivery every day of the week, for maximum flexibility and availability.

What is dry ice?
  • Dry ice, scientifically known as carbon dioxide ice, is the solid form of carbon dioxide.

  • At room temperature, it goes directly from solid to gas through a process called sublimation,

  • Dry ice has a temperature of -78.5 degrees Celsius, which makes it extremely cold.

What can the dry ice be used for?

Dry ice in drinks

Take the party to a whole new level with smoking, bubbling and chilled drinks!
Present high-quality dishes with unique smoke effects.
Dry ice with food

Effective cooling of samples and food during storage and transport

Dry ice for Transport

Expand the smoking effect significantly by using dry ice for larger events such as weddings
Dry ice for larger events

Are you a business customer?

Dry Ice Store produces fresh dry ice with high-performance production units in Lund, Skåne

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