Transport your goods safely

Innovative Refrigeration Permit for Transport

When it comes to the transport of fresh food and sensitive medical samples, maintaining strict temperature control is critical to maintain quality and safety. Torris, with its ability to maintain extreme low temperatures, is the ultimate solution to maintain these requirements.

The advantages of using dry ice for transport:

  • Constant Temperature Control: Dry ice maintains an extremely low temperature of approximately -78.5°C (-109.3°F), providing stable and constant cooling throughout transport.

  • Minimal Evaporation: Dry ice is converted directly from solid form to gas without passing through the liquid phase, reducing the risk of condensation on your products and medical samples.

  • Environmentally friendly and Recyclable: Torris evaporates completely and leaves no residue or waste. It is an environmentally friendly alternative for cooling and transport.

  • Easy to Handle: Our dry ice is delivered in safe and insulated containers that are easy to handle and transport.

Medical Transport with Torris

In the medical field, it is crucial to ensure that medical samples are transported at the correct temperatures to maintain their diagnostic value. Dry ice provides the necessary cooling required to protect these samples and ensure their integrity during transport.

Our Commitment to Safety and Quality

We at Dry Ice Store understand the importance of ensuring that your products and medical samples are transported safely and in the best condition. Our team of experts is ready to work with you to create customized solutions that fit your specific needs.

When it comes to cooling and safe transport, dry ice from Dry Ice Store is the obvious choice. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you maintain quality, safety and integrity in your transportation process. With dry ice from Dry Ice Store, you can be sure that your products and samples are in the best hands.