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Ice Cage
Ice Cage
Ice Cage
Ice Cage
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Ice Cage

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Ice Cage is designed for a wide range of uses to create unique smoke effects. The Ice Cage is designed to make it safe to achieve the smoking effect without risking frostbite. Simply fill the ice cage with dry ice and submerge in any container of hot water to create an amazing smoking effect.


  • The size 8mm is recommended for this product.
  • The funnel and dry ice are sold separately.
  • The jug is not included.
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Dry ice is carbon dioxide in its solid form. It is a dense, ice-like substance that sublimes at -78.5 °C. It leaves no liquid behind when it evaporates, which is why it is called "dry" ice. Dry ice is also called carbonated ice.

Dry ice has many different uses. Mainly as a coolant for food, biological samples, cleaning of industrial equipment, flash freezing of food. Dry ice is also used for entertainment purposes and has an ability to create a crazy cool fog/smoke effect for different contexts.

Store dry ice in an insulated container - the better the insulation, the slower the sublimation to CO₂ gas. The best container is the safety box that the dry ice is sent in. Do not store dry ice in an airtight container or glass container. The sublimation of dry ice into CO₂ gas causes an airtight container to expand and burst.

It is very important to always have proper air ventilation where dry ice is stored because it sublimates into large amounts of carbon dioxide gas. This gas will replace oxygenated air, which can cause you to inhale too much carbon dioxide gas. A small amount can result in headache and rapid breathing (hypercapnia), but more serious consequences such as suffocation can also occur.

Always wear gloves when handling dry ice, as direct contact with skin can lead to serious shield damage. When handling large amounts of dry ice, it is optimal to use gloves and a scoop.

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Dry Ice Store produces fresh dry ice with high-performance production units in Lund, Skåne

Throw the Ice Cage into a bath of warm water

Completely harmless smoke effect!

Coolest Halloween decoration!

Serve the food at an exclusive level!

The perfect school experiment for students!

Make the next event unforgettable!